2015 Acting and Fashion Movie pt. 1 – Vimeo On Demand!

Official Release

2015 Acting and Fashion Movie pt. 1Vimeo On Demand Poster

The 2015 Acting and Fashion Movie pt. 1 is a compilation of recent pictures and videos.  The production is the start of an acting and fashion tool that can be used by actors/actresses, models, and directors/producers for casting purposes.  It can also be used to produce a film production.

Visit the Website!  Rent the full movie for $0.99!

Limited Time Only!  Free promotion code:  2015PROMO

Attend the Vimeo Video School

The Vimeo School’s iMovie Tutorial is very helpful in understanding more about creating movies from stills and recorded video.  However you have to have a Mac device to download and use the iMovie software.  I was able to create my Vimeo On Demand Video using the Windows Live Movie Maker and Windows Live Photo Gallery applications.

Vimeo Video School

Easy Vimeo Projects

Apple Movie Editing Software Applications

Ep. 1:  Introducing iMovie

iMovie is an available Download for a Mac, iPhone, iPad, or iPod.
http://www.apple.com/ios/imovie/?cid=wwa-us-kwm-features $4.99

The iMovie Editing Program 

The iMovie Editing Program tutorial talks about creating projects or Ep. or Episodes from events.  There are also tutorials about creating a Film or a Trailer.

Features include the following menu options:

Enhancements Menu

Color Balance
Match Color
White Balance
Skin Tone Balance



Add Visual Trasitions for Style

Adjustments Menu

Speed Icon

Audio Effects Menu
(Use an external Mic for Voice Over instead of the built-in Mic)

Film Script Icon
Visual Effects Themes
(Use the overlay technique to use two different visual effects for a clip)

The Final Cut Pro X

Ep. 1:  Introducing Final Cut Pro X

Final Cut Pro is an available Download for a Mac, iPhone, iPad, or iPod.
https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/final-cut-pro/id424389933?mt=12 $299


80s Funk Dance Music,
Radionomy Internet Radio Station

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