Good Mental Attitude, Good Behavior, and Reality

Sometimes reality can be painful but it is not a medical diagnosis.  However, using drugs as a solution is a behavioral response that can lead to mental disorder diagnosis.  If we do not produce or are unhappy with our lives, we can develop mental illnesses or mental disorders.  Behavior dictates a mental disorder analysis’ diagnosis.  Some mental illness diagnosis are Depression, Anxiety, and ADHD.  Instead of using drugs to solve problems, you should have good mental attitudes and good behavior to cope with life’s realities.

You should also use awareness as a coping mechanism for your unhappiness.  “Thus, the knowledge about groups inciting fear into society or driving fear into others, is based on using knowledge about things that they (themselves) know about and others do not know about.”


2 Words That Could Mean You Have a Drug Problem | Psychology Today


Everyone should be apart of a functioning society.  However, you can learn from enemy behavior as well.  I’m usually a bottom-up programmer which means that I start working from what is given to me and make sense of it without previous planning, unlike top-down programming.  Therefore I’m a Supervised and Unsupervised worker.  Ignorance does not require you to change anything to be happy.  However, survival requires a dynamic and intelligent personality in a modern society.  For example, as a Computer and Information Scientist and an Information Technology Master, I specialize in examining Organizational Charts of many different systems to determine the functionality of the hierarchy system.  It would be a nice and efficient system if all components or participants were accepted not only for their expectations but for their limitations as well.

The Monster Meets His Bride – Bride of Frankenstein (10/10) Movie CLIP (1935) HD


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