Listen on iTunes Store Account Free!

Listen to 80s Funk Dance Music free on your iTunes Store Account!

(Internet Radio, RnB / Soul, 80s Funk Dance Music)

iTunes Internet Radio thKJXOE244

June 12, 2015 Email

Thanks for choosing Apple.

Hi Angela,Good day! I’m Jeysheil of iTunes Store Support Team. Thank you for your response and the information you have provided. I understand that would like to know how you can locate the “Radionomy 80s Funk Dance Music Internet Radio Station via iTunes”. As a customer myself, I know how important it is for you to resolve your concern. Rest assured that I will provide all the necessary information in your account.

Angela, you may see the information below on how to listen to Internet radio on your iTunes Store Account:
Tune in to Internet stations

-Click the Internet Radio button A button that looks like a radio tower with sound waves near the top left of the iTunes window (if you don’t see it, click The More button, three dots in a row).-To see the available stations, click the triangle next to the type of music you want to listen to.

-To tune in, double-click a station.

If you use a dial-up modem to connect to the Internet, choose a station with a bit rate of less than 48 kilobits per second (kbps) for best results. To see a station’s bit rate, select the station, then choose File > Get Info.


Connect to an Internet broadcast

If you know the exact URL of an Internet broadcast or audio file, iTunes can connect to it directly.-Choose File > Open Stream.

-Enter the full URL of the broadcast or file you want to listen to. For example:

For information on file types iTunes can play, see the link provided below on how to “Choose import settings”.

iTunes 12 for Mac: Choose import settings can’t record or save a song from an Internet broadcast, but you can add your favorite stations to your library or to a playlist so that you can tune in easily.

I hope the solution I provided to you resolved your request, you can email me again if you have further questions about your purchases so we can address that for you. I’m happy to help you.Thank you Angela for contacting iTunes Store Support. Have a nice day and take care.


iTunes Store Support/Mac App Customer Support

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