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The PLAY:1 is the product I always hoped Sonos would make.

And, for being smaller than a half-gallon milk carton, it sounds pretty awesome.

It is, as they say, definitely a player.

I’d say the company resoundingly succeeded with a speaker that far outpunches its size.

Sounds heavenly.

“Best aesthetic design we’ve seen yet for a soundbar.”

There’s no easier soundbar to live with than the Playbar.

Sonos PLAYBAR is more than just a sound bar.

“I don’t think I can go back to a PLAYBAR free world.”

I haven’t heard a better or clearer sound bar.

Sonos is still the leader when it comes to wireless, multi-room audio systems.

This is the compact music system for the next decade.

the overall sound was visceral, exciting, and clean.

Sonos Play:3 can fill an apartment, study or summer cottage with surprisingly good sound.

It’s helped me listen to at least 10x more music than I did before.

Sonos is literally one of the coolest things I’ve seen in years.

It took me very little time to set up and, once set up, sounded great.

a reasonable price for the S5’s size, sound, portability, control, refinement and pure pleasure.

Sonos keeps raising the bar for home music-listening

it’s the ultimate music machine for fans.

However you take your music — MP3s, Internet radio, Spotify, Pandora — Sonos lets you stream it all through one slick box.

Our music is finally liberated from our earbuds and tinny computer speakers.

We’re big fans of the Sonos Wireless home music system

We’ve been hot on Sonos products for a long time thanks to this kind of design and integration. This year we sing its praises with an Eddy award

Sonos lives up to their promise of delivering great sound

The ultimate all-in-one wireless sound system.

A definite must have.

a great wireless system in your home.


80s  Funk Dance Music,
Radionomy Internet Radio Station

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